Baby Company Rockwell Re-Opening

Whenever we visit SM Aura, I would always tell Joshua to visit Baby Company even if I don’t have to buy anything. I love looking around in that boutique! Heehee! Maybe some of the sales attendants know me already as “the woman who always go inside but doesn’t buy anything”. HAHAHA

Baby Company Rockwell. 3rd Floor near Toys R Us

Luckily, last friday, I was invited to the re-opening of their Rockwell branch! Yey!

Displayed strollers

Displayed strollers

Food from Cibo

Food from Cibo

Ribbon Cutting

It was only Maco and myself that time, good thing we were dropped off to the venue so it was not much of a hassle for me. Maco was sleeping when we arrived. I met some of the mommy bloggers, and just after a few minutes my little munchkin’s awake already! Uh-oh… I was not prepared for this! Hahaha

I also like Bright Starts toys! They’re not as expensive as other well known brands but they’re as good!!

Ehem ninongs and ninangs ehem!!!

Ehem ninongs and ninangs ehem!!!

Macoki loves them both!!!

Macoki loves them both!!!

I was introduced to Jazz, and she was the one who told me about their toys! I love it actually! Especially the exclusive to the Baby Company ones! They’re not as expensive as the known brands but they’re as good. I told Jazz that my little munchkin loves toys that has sound or that produces sound, so we checked on the musical toys. I love it all! My little munchkin loves the xylophone from Little Tikes I believe. Oh man I forgot the brand! Heehee sorry!

Macoki and Mama

Macoki and Mama

Little munchkin playing!!!

Little munchkin playing!!!

Baby Company exclusives. Little munchkin likes the blue one!

Baby Company exclusives. Little munchkin likes the blue one!

Baby Company exclusives

Baby Company exclusives

Another woman (I forgot to ask for her name), told us that if my little munchkin loves musical toys, Vtech is one of the bests sound-wise. She said that you could hear the song clearly which I totally agree.

Andi Manzano-Reyes, Patty Laurel-Filart with her little boy Theo, and Kelly Misa-Fernandez

“Okay Ma, just take your time taking photos, I’ll just play here”

I really like Baby Company because you could buy pretty much everything you need for your little one! Linens, diapers, feeding bottles, nursing covers, bath tubs, strollers, bikes, toys, clothes, and the list goes on! Though honestly, before I thought they only carry expensive brands, but they don’t! You could buy inexpensive ones and they are exclusive to Baby Company!

I wasn’t able to stay longer as much as I wanted to because the car’s already waiting and my sister and mother-in-law were about to go home, and I can’t commute on my own with my little munchkin so I had to bid goodbye to my fellow mommy bloggers. It was a really fun experience though! Hoping for more events with my fellow mommy bloggers soon!

Loot bag!!

Loot bag!!

What's inside! Thank youuu

What’s inside! Thank youuu

Thank you Mommy Bloggers Philippines and Baby Company!

Maco’s first Cinema experience

Okay, let me just start by explaining why I wasn’t able to blog these past weeks. My laptop got busted because my little darling Maco kicked it from our bed to the floor, and now the cord or whatever that is that you insert to the laptop is broken, so it doesn’t charge and I can’t use it. I don’t even know if it still works. Oh well. 😦  Now I’m using my bro-in-law’s gift to my husband, his old laptop, that is pretty much like new. So yey! Thank you! Just in time! Heehee

“I own this cinema. Hello!”

“So Maco, how’s your first cinema experience?” 

“Well Ma, it was great! The TV was so huge! But it was too dark inside, I can’t even see your face, but I like that it’s cold there so I took a nap. Hihi”

Yup, that’s basically what my little munchkin did inside the cinema, she slept. BUT she watched a few of the first part of the movie! So yey! She behaved well, too! She did not cry and poop while we were watching! Thank you my little munchkin! 🙂

"I like this movie. Yes"

“I like this movie. Yes”

Last thursday month, Sept. 24th, we went to Bonifacio High Street to watch Hotel Translyvania 2, we loved the first Hotel Transylvania so we were hoping this one would be great as well, well at least I do! And yes, it did not disappoint! It was so funny! Though I guess the jokes are for older kids.

Let’s have a side story, shall we? When I was younger, like before I was even 8 or 9, you see we do not speak english in the household so I was not really good at it, I can spell english words or understand it when I read it but if I would listen to someone speaking especially if it’s fast, pretty much I won’t understand a thing. So with that said, when we watch an english movie or sitcom on TV and if there’s something funny, there would be a background laugh, right? So whenever a punchline/joke was said and I would hear the background laugh, I would laugh too! Even though I don’t understand what the joke was about! Haha!

“Okay whatever, Ma”

Okay, that was pretty embarrassing but it’s okay, I think I can understand english movies now! Thank goodness! Hahaha!

So… let’s go back to my little munchkin’s first cinema experience. It was last Thursday month that we watched Hotel Transylvania 2. When we got in, it was already dark and I was the one scared for my little munchkin. I thought she would be afraid in the dark or with the loud noise, but she was not. Actually, when we got to our seats, I slowly turned her to face the large cinema screen and as what we all do in the cinemas, she watched. She silently watched the first part of the movie and then she slept. So that was basically Maco’s first cinema experience. She slept until the end of the movie. Joshua and I were ready to go in and out of the movie house because we were expecting cries from her and even a poop but none of it happened! Thankfully! Hihi! Thank you Maco for behaving! 🙂

It was my first time to watch a movie at Bonifacio High Street and I would say I like the cinema there! There were  not much clutter outside, unlike some cinemas wherein there were a lot of kiosks of food at the outside hallways of the cinemas. There were just an area for food stalls. Also, my little munchkin was free of charge! Well, I think it’s just fair because she wasn’t able to watch, she just slept there and also, she won’t be able to sit on her own there or she will go straight under the seat. Haha! But of course, I am thankful to that lady who let Maco in without payment, I wasn’t able to get her name because I was busy taking photos and my husband and sister-in-law were the ones talking with them.

“Thank you very much. The movie was awesome!”

“Hello there! You look quite familiar…”

Mosquito Bites on Baby

A couple of weeks back, when Maco and I went downstairs she didn’t have any mosquito bites, though she did have some marks from it also, but it was just a couple or so and it was already like a bruise meaning it’s been there some time. Those marks didn’t happen in the same time though! Those were the mosquito bites she accumulated since June I guess.

My poor baby's legs :(

My poor baby’s little legs 😦

Anwyway, just a few minutes of staying downstairs, when I carried her, Joshua’s niece screamed and was shocked with the red marks  Maco got from the mosquito bites! And it was so many! We were all shocked actually! We didn’t know what happened that she got that much mosquito bites! My poor baby 😦

😦 😦 😦

I was not sure if those were mosquito bites really, because they were big red bumpy marks and they let her seat on the sofa downstairs also, which I do not really let her because our dog, Max, usually lays there. I’m maarte like that. Heehee. So I thought it was from the dog. I was annoyed that that happened because first, she’s a girl and it’s not nice to have peklat on your legs, also, she won’t be able to wear shorts now, and her patakawawa naman! Lastly, kawawa naman my little girl as I can see that she’s irritated by it. 😦 She would scratch her legs on the chair if she’s seated so that means that it’s really itchy, and there’s wound from her scratching her legs! Ugh

Good thing during her 7th/8th month checkup, we asked her pedia what should we put  on her skin in case of mosquito bites because as I’ve said, she already have a couple before. He prescribed us this ointment Hydrocortisone to lessen visibility of the bruise, so that’s what we have been putting on her bites and some sunflower oil I got from Human Nature. This is what I do in the morning, after her bath and before sleeping; lather sunflower oil all over her legs and put on hydrocortisone cream just on the wounded part. I think the sunflower oil helped to lighten the scars. I like it!

So from now on, she can never go out our bedroom without wearing a pajama! And some mosquito repellent! We can’t go out without her having some mosquito repellent! Lalo na ngayon, uso  pa naman ang dengue! Mosquito repellents are a must! I just hoped I used it on her sooner. 😦

This is her legs now! Still have some scarring of course, but it’s better now! Yey!


Yey! Getting better!



Maco’s 9th Month

Can’t believe how fast it is that my little munchkin’s now 9 months! It seems like I just gave birth the other day! Lol. Seriously though, I know I’ve said it more than a couple of times but let me say it again, TIME FLIES! Time flies so fast! Why u don’t stop and have coffee for a while, TIME! Seriously. Relax. Hahaha!

"Ma, I just woke up and what is this?"

“Ma, I just woke up and what is this?”

So what we did on her 9th month? You guessed it. We celebrated it of course! We didn’t have spaghetti this time though, we had roasted chicken and some cake. Maco had some cake as well! Little munchkin loves to eat already! Yes. Little munchkin loves to munch! She even wanted rice over her mashed fruits/veggies!

“Oh so I need to hold this?”

She can also stand up by herself in her crib and even on our wall. Haha! She also sits and crawls fast nowt! She can never be left alone and awake on the bed from now on. Or she would end up crying on the floor! She can also say “Mama” and “Papa”, though she was able to say it before during her 6th/7th month, but now I think or we think she knows what it means already. She would look at me and say “Mama” and to her father and say “papa”, it’s really cute and really melts my heart whenever I hear her say that! We would also often hear her say “aba” or “babababa”, when she wanted something, and she would look like as if she was reaching for that something she wanted. She also doesn’t cry much now, it was always an arte kind of cry if she wanted to be carried or if she’s sleepy or if she wanted something. But if she’s really sleepy, she does cry! Most especially when I’m not around! Because she wanted milk. Oh yes, she’s still breastfed until now! Yey! 🙂

"Better now?"

“Better now?”

She’s also in this phase usually called “nangingilala”, I don’t know the proper english term for it so. She would often cry if carried by someone she doesn’t know or she doesn’t see often, but if that someone is in a car or looks like he/she is going somewhere like mall, aba eh hindi na kami pinapansin! Hahaha! But this usually happens if she’s in a good mood i.e NOT hungry, because if she’s hungry, she’s hungry and she doesn’t care about anything else! Haha!

So, I guess that’s what’s up with my Little Munchkin as a 9 month old baby!

"Seriously, what is this?"

“Seriously, what is this?”

#bloggys2015 Gala Night


Woot! Woot! It’s coming, and it’s coming real soon! #bloggys2015 Gala Night is a prestigious awarding ceremony of the best Filipino Bloggers nationwide. It will be happening this coming November 21st at SMX Convention Center, SM Aura, Taguig City from 5:00pm-10:00pm!

If you want to nominate your favorite blog, you may still do so, hurry as it is until at the 30th of September only! Go here to nominate!

So what are you waiting for? Come and see your favorite bloggers! Reserve a slot here!

See you there!

Rosanjin Japanese Restaurant

I was invited to taste some of Rosanjin’s menu last Saturday at SM Megamall, I’m a fan of Japanese food so I have to go there and taste it myself! Even if unluckiness is with me that day! 😦 Will talk about it on another post! Let’s be positive on this post because we’re talking about food, and it’s Japanese food!

When I entered the restaurant, what caught my attention was there Japanese umbrellas which were hanged on the ceiling as a decor. It’s nice on how they did it! It has some Sakura flowers on the left wall and just a plain wall on the other. I would suggest to have there utensils or where they put their utensils hidden though, because it’s not nice to see the plastic drawers just on the hallway, seen by everyone who would pass by to go to the restroom. But, we’re not going to talk about it’s interiors here though, we’re going to talk about their food, and that’s what I love about this restaurant!

We were served with Tofu Salad and Kani Salad for appetizer. I love their tofu, it isn’t like the ones we buy at wet markets, there’s something different about it, and that is something to be liked about!


For our main course, we were served with Australian Rib Steak cooked Tobanyaki Style, Chicken Cheeseyaki, Salmon Butteryaki, Sukiyaki Kaminabe, Seafood Kaminabe, and Shrimp Kaminabe.

I tasted them all and I loved it! The first dish that I tasted among all is the Sukiyaki Kaminabe, and I must say, it’s beef is so tender! And it’s soup is really tasty! I think with this dish, you could say “sabaw pa lang, ulam na”, I know most of you would think I’m exaggerating but I assure you, I am not! It really is that tasty! Ugh just thinking about it makes me want to have it right now. Honestly, I didn’t bother much about the other dishes because this one is the bomb!

Australian Rib Steak is second for me, because of it’s meat. It’s so tender as well! I love their meat! It’s worth it’s price, I assure you. It was served with some dips/sauces on the side, but I think you wouldn’t need those already because of it’s tasty meat. It’s cooked Tobanyaki Style, Tobanyaki, if you don’t know the meaning like myself, is the art of cooking in Japan. It uses something like a sizzling plate (I’m sorry I’m not familiar with such) which is called “Toban”. It was served raw and it was cooked in from of us! Most of the dishes were served raw actually.

I also like the Seafood Kaminabe because it’s soup is tasty as well! It’s a bit spicy though! And I like spicy food! This one’s not that much spicy though, but you know it’s there. Lol. If you don’t like spicy food like I do, I think it wouldn’t hurt trying this one! I didn’t actually tasted it’s spiciness until a couple of sip of it’s soup.

Apparently though I don’t have photos of the said dishes because I’m a bad blogger. Huhuhu. No seriously though, my phone acted up that time, I’m definitely sure I took photos of all the food but when I checked my phone at home, it was gone! My phone drained so I was not able to check it right away! Ugh. Thinking about it makes me cringe!!! 😦 Hate it. Also, I even borrowed a good cam from my sister-in-law but to my dismay, when I tried it on the way there, it didn’t work. WTF. I should’ve brought my oldie digicam with me! Ughhhhh. On the side note, I want to thank my fellow blogger who let me borrow her powerbank so I could call my husband! 🙂

I promise if I’ll be able to get back there, I’ll take decent photos! HUHUHU